Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 9.35.22 pmAlex G. Lim was born and raised in Singapore. He started playing the guitar at the age of 17, having found out about the instrument through his church, where people were praising and worshiping.

 Influenced and inspired by the likes of Richie Sambora, Neil Zaza, Eric Johnson, Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Jon Bon Jovi’s lifestyle and song writing, and many others, music has always been a big tool in his life. Not knowing how to easily start or continue a conversation with the right words, he found out that people could always relate and understand him easily when he played the guitar.

 Locally, he also looks up to artistes like Andrew Yeo (Christian Singer-Songwriter – signed by Integrity), Brandon Gan (lead guitarist of Reverie) and Jeremy Thong (personal music mentor). He is a self-taught rock guitarist with a classical background under the care of Jeremy Thong & Thomas Liauw. Having been brought up by 2 of his most disciplined teachers whose emphasis is on practice and hard work, he is just as hardworking as anyone you know, practicing everyday, playing live and teaching.

 During his time with Thomas Music, he was given the opportunity to join Singapore Cairn Hill Norbrii Guitar Ensemble as a prem guitarist and later on, he formed his own band for more exposure and more experiences. Not long after, he dreamt to be a world class musician and guitarist despite the environment and situation he was in. He felt that God had a plan for him as music continued to play a big role in his life.

In 2015 (proclaimed Year of Restoration), he is doing music full time, serving in his church faithfully, playing live 6 nights a week locally, and once a while overseas, landing endorsement deals & getting supported by Gibson Guitars, Polaroid sunglasses & MOP Singapore for photo shoot.

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