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Here at Lugville we want every musician to be prepared.  No body wants to be the guy who lets the band down because they don’t the correct gear with them.  Also no body wants to be in a band with someone else who doesn’t have the correct gear.  Feeling prepared and ready for anything makes anyone play better, from the guy playing regular gigs to people who just jam with their friends….
Must Have Items.  You can seriously ruin the gig, jam session or rehearsal if you don’t carry this stuff….Be prepared.
Spare strings.  Admittedly this is for stringed instruments only.  If you are a guitarist or bass player you cant play so hot with missing strings.  Always have a spare set handy, the time you don’t have them is the time your strings will break.  Even better bring a spare instrument so you don’t need to restring.
Spare Picks.  We all know that picks like to disappear into the pick ether so always carry a few spare. Bumming for picks is like bumming for cigarettes. Its ok a couple of times but then it gets pretty old.
Tuner. Don’t you love those guys who say ‘ I don’t use a tuner to tune my guitar, I prefer to use my ears’. Then, ” Can you give me an A?’. Be professional (even if you aren’t) buy a good tuner and use it.
Pedals. If that’s what you need for your sound, make sure you have them (and batteries to make them go or a power source)
Leads. Obviously an important piece of gear if you play amplified.  Buy good quality leads to make sure they don’t fail on you when you need them most.  Keep them rolled up when not in use to prevent any kinks.
Spare Leads. Some people would think these are things that are nice to have, not must have but it can be pretty hard for two guys to share one lead if one of them fails.
Spare Batteries. Never good if you pedals die from lack of battery juice.  Always carry spares and change your batteries regularly.
Spare guitar strap. I know, these things don’t break often and maybe sitting down for a gig would be a nice change.  Maybe not if you play in a metal band though.
Gaffa Tape. Can fix anything. This should be an always carry for life in general.
Once you have all your important gear ready to take you need to have a bag to organise them in.
Click here for more items that your should carry to rehearsal and gigs as well as items that are nice to have.

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