Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 10.24.19 pmThe Anchoress is Welsh multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Catherine Anne Davies.

Davies formed The Anchoress in 2013 and released her critically acclaimed debut album in January 2016 via Kscope, Confessions of a Romance Novelist. A second album is currently in progress, with Catherine working alongside producer Bernard Butler.

Davies also performs in the current line-up of Simple Minds’ live band, contributing vocals, additional guitar and keyboards. Previous to The Anchoress project, Davies performed with London Philharmonic Orchestra as an artist-in-residence at London’s South Bank Centre. 

Davies is also a member of The Dark Flowers “super-group”. The project was started by songwriter and producer Paul Statham in 2009. She appears alongside vocalist’s Jim Kerr, Kate Havnevik, Dot Allison, Peter Murphy, and Shelly Poole.