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  • Lugville Tumblr

    • photo from Tumblr

      Name: Stephen Tucker

      Instrument: Guitar/vocals

      Music: Top 40s covers and loud rocknroll

      In my bag:

      3 guitar leads

      2 capos

      Extension cord

      Three sets of spare strings

      Ipad holder

      Double adapter

      SPare aa batteries

      Spare 9volt battery



      Electrician tape

      Guitar strap

      3 Microphone leads

      2 markers

      BOSS EQ pedal

      BOSS Chorus pedal

      BOSS tuner pedal

      Ibanez distortion pedal

      String winder

      2 patch leads

      Gator pedal board

    • photo from Tumblr

      Name: Benno

      Instrument: Guitar, vocals

      Music: Top 40 and classic covers at the pub

      In my bag:

      Two guitarleads

      BOSS Loop pedal

      BOSS Pedal tuner

      BOSS Pedal equalizer

      BOSS Foot switch

      Pedal power supply and leads

      Two patch leads

      Stereo lead

      Spare guitar strap

      Microphone Shure 57

      Capo (always losing these)

      Spare 9 volt battery

      Mic lead

    • photo from Tumblr

      Name: Luke

      Instrument: Electric and Double Bass

      Music: Blues, rock, jazz

      In my bag:

      2 guitar leads

      Spare kettle cord

      Spare strap

      Stereo lead (for kk rockabilly double bass pick up)

      2 patch leads

      Spare electric bass strings

      Rosin for my double bass bow

      2 rolls of sports tape in case of blisters

      Behringer Instrument selector pedal

      Boss Tuner pedal

      KK Rockabilly Dual Channel Mixer

      3 harmonicas (Key of D, C and A)

      Wrist band for right hand when playing rock bass

      Guitar slide (I was thinking about learning it)

      2 picks

      Ipod to guitar lead converter